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Welcome to the Carlton Fisk Blog!

Welcome to the all new Carlton Fisk blog.  I hope that fans and enthusiasts will use this medium to share experiences about the great Carlton Fisk.

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  1. Tim Says:

    Am I the first person to post a comment?

    Carlton Fisk was my idol growing up. As an eight year-old boy, visiting Fenway for the first time, I saw him play and hit a home run on a warm night in June, 1975…against the Yankees.

    More than any of the accolades he has received, his game 6, 12th inning, 1975 World Series home run has done so much to project the excitement of major league baseball.

  2. Bob Says:

    In my neighborhood, when I played hockey I was Bobby Orr, when I played Football I was John Hannah, when I played Basketball I was Dave Cowens and Baseball I was Carlton Fisk.

    I played catcher in little league, high school and college and wore 27.
    Our softball team jerseys only go to 16, so I wear 2 one year and 7 the next. :)

  3. David Sady Says:

    I remember going to Forest Park in Spfld. Ma. in 1972 to go to a autograph signing which featured Pudge Fisk and he signed my glove. Boy do I wish I still had that glove. It’s something I could never forget.

  4. nick james Says:

    I work at panera bread in frankfort il, today carlton fisk ate there, got his autograph, he lives like 5 min from me.

  5. Jason Says:

    WOW! One heck of a website! Unreal collection of tickets…Pudge is one my all time favorite White Sox players! Looks GREAT Tony!!!! One of the best tribute sites I have ever seen! I just wish the White Sox had more talent around Pudge during his days with us so we could have made more runs at division titles and of course the world series.

  6. Cara Says:

    To me, Pudge was a solid man behind the plate. I was young but I remember that homer. When the Red Sox retired his number, my parents got us tickets and we sat in section 27. When I use to pick my numbers for my lottery ticket, I would pick 27 for Fisk, 24 for Dewey, 8 for Yaz, 11 for my high school softball shirt number and then my bday numbers. Just saw him on TV tonight for the NESN RemDawg ceremonies at Fenway still looked solid and Dewey looked good too.

  7. Peter Says:

    Watched Game 6 as a 12 year old and kept score of every one of those games, but I admire Fisk for his work ethic as much as anything. Pudge was and is an example of what all athletes should aspire to. Great site! Thanks

  8. mike Says:

    I saw him play a minor league rehab game in South Bend IN i do not remember what year but he had been my hero as long as I could remember. I was a Bosox fan till March of 81 then became a chisox fan. Now that he does not play just a fan of the game.

  9. Cheryl G Says:

    Carlton “PUDGE” Fisk was the man.I was only a couple of couple of years old when he hit the famous Home Run.Then he cam to CHICAGO.It’s funny I was bonr in 1972.And he was ROY is 1972.And that happened to be my fav number.I was glad is was inducted in the HOF.But I was a little upset he chose to be a RED SOX.But I still like him.Just recenly they honered hime at a WHITE SOX GAME.And I was there.I was so glad to see him again

  10. sarah Says:


  11. Howard Says:

    I have very much enjoyed the postings here. I, too, have been a huge fan of Pudge since I was a kid. He was and is my first childhood hero and I wanted to be just like him. When the Red Sox or White Sox were on TV, I had to watch and I rarely missed a game. Being from the Bay Area, I saw Carlton in person numerous times when the Sox came to Oakland and I couldn’t wait to go. In fact, when the schedules would come out in the Spring, I would always see when the Sox were coming to Oakland so I could plan ahead. Professional baseball is not the same without Pudge, nor is it what it used to be, in general. The two things I loved most about Carlton, as I look back now as an adult, were his commitment to the game and his work ethic. Like he always said,”There are no shortcuts to success; just a high price of pain and humiliation.”

  12. Kevin Says:

    I was a big fan of Pudge gowing up living on the north side of Chicago were it was all Cub fans. I had all my baseball uniforms 72 played catcher for 11 years loved the guy,dad took me to many white sox game cheering him on. Then 1990 outside old county stadium I waited for him with my dad 2 hours with nobody around pitch dark one truck in the parking lot…his. He comes out sunglasses on no smile I said”Hello Mr. Fisk nice game long time fan of yours” did not even say hi or look at me ,so never bothered to ask for an autograph. I wish I never went that day that night I stoped being a kid.

  13. billy bob Says:

    he was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mom took me to Cooperstown when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame. He’s her favorite player of all time!

  14. Win Miller Says:

    I’ve been a huge Fisk fan since 1988 when I got back into collecting memorabilia. I’m sorry I didn’t start any sooner. I was at his Hall of Fame induction in 2000. What a great speech. He carried the torch of respect for the game and is a class act. Thanks to this website(quite the evolution over the past years!!) I’m always encouraged to expand my own Fisk collection. My family and friends call it the “Shrine”. Hey, next time your’re in NJ stop by and say hi. This is a great web site dedicated to my favorite baseball player, Carlton “Pudge” Fisk. Thanks for the memories. God bless.

  15. Jim Says:

    Carlton Fisk was a class act in Baseball. He played for the love of the game, not the almighty dollar. Remember when he almost kicked Deion Sanders butt? Also for a man who loved Baseball ,Baseball never loved him back…But the fans like me did.

  16. Nancy Lasocki Says:

    My hubby is a HUGE!!! Carlton Fisk fan. Our company services the house across the street from Carlton. Carlton waived at my hubby. 3 years ago, we actually had Carlton’s bath tub. My sister in law has a decorating company and the house she was contracted for was just bought from carlton. They were replacing the tub and she called to ask if we wanted it. We ended up not having any space for it. My nephew took it and gave it to a friend What a fiasco! The tub was so heavy and once it was on his truck it started raining. During transport the tub slammed into his back window and almost killed him. Well that is my story!

  17. Michael Sands Says:

    Diehard ChiSox fan for ever. The real Pudge was always my favorite player. Loved the way he carried himself on the field. A true field general. There was a sign in Comiskey Park that read “Pitch to Fisk at Your Risk”. It was so true. In the late 80s early 90s my friend and I would get to Comiskey early and try to get autographs from the players as they arrived. One day we saw Pudge’s Ford Bronco driving along 35th street to park in the front lots. About 10 of us ran from the back of the park to the front trying to get him to sign. I was the only one he signed for. That was an awesome feeling.

  18. Tony Leslie Says:

    Being from Oklahoma, I am naturally a Mickey Mantle fan, however, Fisk is my second favorite. I remember how imposing he looked behind the plate ( a big guy for a catcher ), and gunning down runners at second, and swatting baseballs all over the park. There is none better. Add that big grin and easy temperment and you have one of baseball’s all-time greats.

  19. Marie Raleigh Says:

    I worked at the Ramada Hotel O’Hare back in the late 80′s. We were hosting a baseball card show and my ALL-TIME FAVORITE PLAYER IN THE WHOLE WORLD til this day came to do a signing – CARLTON FISK! I was a sales manager so I got to go “behind the scenes”. Before the show started I was in the banquet room where he was getting set and he was told to move his SUV. I was standing in close proximity to him so he looked, tossed me the keys and said, “Here, move it for me.” I told him I didn’t want to be responsible if anything went wrong while I was driving so he had someone else move it.

    I did tell him I’d like to sit down with him for a few minutes before the show started. He asked me what I was doing at the hotel and wanted to know what I “really” wanted to be doing as far as a career. I told him I had a dream to go back to college and finish my teaching degree. He told me to make sure I get back to school and finish that degree. It was one of the greatest 15 minute conversations I ever had AND it changed my life forever. I quit Ramada not too long after, got a job in the administration end of education and enrolled in Concordia University Chicago to get my bachelor’s in education.

    Carlton Fisk helped me realize that it was about fulfilling my passion in life that is going to give me my greatest joy! I am forever grateful that he took a few moments to open my eyes to realize I could achieve anything I wanted if I really wanted it bad enough! No one ever really encouraged me to follow my dreams so I was like a sponge when I talked with him. In return, I always make sure each and every student I educate realizes that no dream is too big. I always make sure they have at least one goal they want to achieve and encourage them to GO FOR IT!!! I do all of that because of Carlton Fisk!!!

    I’m now looking forward to getting back to school for a Master’s in Human Service because I know there is yet another calling for me. Thank you, Carlton Fisk, for being my motivating force! Thank you, Carlton Fisk, for being a genuine human being! Thank you, Carlton Fisk, for picking me up when I was down!

  20. kelly Says:

    PUDGE was my idol growing up. As a softball catcher I wore a button inside my chest protector with his picture. Still have the button 35 years later. Still have the photo that hung in my HS locker of him slugging Lou Pinella at home plate. Love him…..one of the saddest days of my childhood was when he left the Red Sox.

  21. Steve Says:

    Thanks a million Mr. Fisk for using your stature and authority to call out the steriod users for what they really are…….FRAUDS! I implore you to gather all your HOF brothers and collectively condemn what these guys did to themselves and more importantly to the sanctity of this great game. It’s nothing short of self indulgence and greed that made these guys do what they did and they should pay the price for cheating in order to achieve greatness. While the pain in your knees may be excruciating at times, let it serve as a reminder that the pain you feel is the price you paid honorably. Please know that there are many loyalists young and old who stand beside you yet do not have your stature or voice.

  22. sherlee mcgrath Says:

    back in 75 i was playing little league softball, it was the first year in mass. for girls. we(somerset) all-stars went to the new england finals(we were state champs) .every one of us was a red sox fan.its what inspired us, me especially. fisk was my favorite, i loved watching especially when thermon munson and the damn yankees were playing.i watched to see fisk kick the arrogant ass of , ugly munson! everytime either ran across home plate you knew punches would be thrown! kick that yankee ass! not to mention being the best catcher ever! oh yah to all the haters that think the”home run” was no big deal because the sox lost the game, what was the score? no one remembers but everyone remembers the 11th inning home run and him willing it fair! do they have a pole in cinn. named for anyone from that series?! NO they dont! ilove you fisk, you are a bad ass red sox!

  23. Floyd Sullivan Says:

    I remember being at a game at Comiskey Park in the 1980′s when Fisk, while on the White Sox, hit an inside the park homer, but I can’t find anything about it on the Web. Anyone else recall this game, or know where I can get more information?


  24. apswann Says:

    Carlton Fisk hit an inside-the-park HR on 8/30/1983 @ Comiskey Park.

    Here’s a link to the ticket from that game:




  25. kirie34 Says:

    Carlton Fisk is my idol. He is, in my opinion, the best player in the history of the MLB. I always look up to him for catching techniques. The Red Sox and White Sox were lucky to have him.

  26. Todd Says:

    Fisk was my baseball hero growing up… despite the fact I was living in MD… I always admired his style and approach to the game. What a great player.

    My Fisk memory comes from the mid-1980′s when the White Sox came to Memorial Stadium to play the O’s – I was just a young kid. Fisk was playing catch in front of about 20 fans… when he was finished he began walking back to the dugout and everyone was asking for an autograph. He stopped, and reached through the crowd and grabbed a ’78 Red Sox Fisk baseball card from my hand… took my pen and signed it. He then continued on down to the dugout and tunnel.

    Totally made my day – and for a young kid that’s a big deal. That’s not something I would attempt to do these days (in my older age! ;) but what a great childhood memory. I still have the card, framed and hung in my workout room. It’s more than just an autograph for me, it’s an anchor to a wonderful memory.

    Thanks Mr. Fisk!

  27. Ron Says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Carlton Fisk at an autographing event in Wilmington, MA I had my picture taken with him as he signed my unused 75 world series game 6 ticket, the most famous world series home run. Everytime I show it to my friends they always make me offers for it.

  28. Deb Parks Says:

    I was a huge Carlton Fisk fan as a kid…went to a game in 1975 at Fenway but he wasn’t catching…just came out to catch a few pitches between innings. I, too, was watching the game on TV where he hit the home run in Game 6. I would love to meet him at an event where he’s signing cards, etc. Anyone know how I can find out about those? Thanks!

  29. John aka Carlton Hunter Says:

    I went to every Blue Jay / Chi-sox game held in TO. The fans there didn’t like me much ;-) I spoke to Fisk there once, briefly. There was a 3 hour rain delay, only about 4 of us left in the stands, and only one fan wearing a White-sox jersey ;-) We talked about how bad the Pirates were… weird.

    One spring training game in Sarasota, I had on the new White-sox jersey and hat, which just came out that spring. Ozzie spotted me behind the dugout and seemed to be wondering why a ‘player’ was in the stands. He called me down, and I spent an hour or so in the dugout with the team, until some security guy figured it out… Fisk was out past the right field fence in the pen, so I didn’t get to see him. I’m not sure that the rest of the team appreciated me constantly asking if Carlton was available, but I think Ozzie thought it was funny ;-)

  30. Dan Burrington Says:

    I like to think that I saw Fisk at both bookends of his career. My late brother and I and a couple of friends went down to a Babe Ruth Leaque field in Putney, Vermont to practice in 1964, when I was ten years old, and we saw this older guy and a couple of his friends out there playing around as well. Our friend, Steve, said his name was Pudgy Fisk and he was known as being a pretty good ball player around the area. I didn’t hear of him again until he came up with the Red Sox in 1972. At that time he was called Carlton but it wasn’t long before we started hearing his teenage nickname Pudge or Pudgy again. I remember watching his sixth game homerun in the 1975 World Series with great excitement! Later, I was disappointed when he went to Chicago but my son and I were there when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2000. We had left my wife and daughter in the car for a couple of hours after telling them that we would be gone for just a few minutes! During his long speech, Fisk thanked everyone from his Vermont Army National Guard Sergeant to long time Red Sox batting coach, Walt Hrniak. Fisk was a class act for sure. Maria Cuomo, who is agreat baseball fan, once said the Fisk would win if he ever ran for Governor of New Hampshire.

  31. Stieve Says:

    On April 21, 2012 I met Cartlon Fish for the 2nd Time, this time at Fenway Park. I was happy to tell hime, that he is the reason I am a Red Sox fan. I was able to shake his hand, I wish he would have signed my ball.
    Thank you for the years behind the dish.

  32. Dave Says:

    In 1972, I was a student photographer for the yearbook at Memorial High School in

    Manchester New Hampshire. I was told to report to a senior assembly (I was a junior) to

    take pictures,.. but no one would say what the assembly was about. There, I immediately

    recognized Carlton Fisk in his Army uniform…he was here to talk about opportunities in

    the US Army. I clicked off pictures as he answered both Army and Red Sox questions.

    When he was done I took a posed picture of him, then I started walking toward the exit.

    He immediately walked over to me and offered his handshake and a smile and said

    “thank you”. I will never forget that day.

  33. Diane Cobourn Says:

    Carlton Fisk was my idol growing up. I became the catcher of our high school softball team because of the inspiration. Our High School team, Ashland High, won the first ever NH Girl’s softball Championship, Class A in 1975. I remember hoping Carlton would show up (wishful thinking). Carlton, you will always be my idol and always a Red Sox in my eyes.

  34. Keith Says:

    Being a NH born and bred native myself, he was always an idol to me so I had great pride for all his accomplishments. Got to meet Fisk a couple different times, first was when he was playing minor league ball and the Sox were playing the Manchester Yankees at Gill Stadium. There was a rain delay and he came into the stands to visit his parents who were sitting in the row in front of us so we got to chat w/him, never knowing if he’d ever make it to the bigs. Guess he did with a bang!!! He later came to our high school in New Ipswich to talk as the featured guest speaker at our annual sports banquet so that was cool.
    Sure wish Heywood Sullivan never screwed up by letting him get away…

  35. Jacli Newton Says:

    What military committment did Carlton fisk have?

  36. Dan BUrrington Says:

    According to Fisk himself, he served his military obligation as a member of the Vermont Army National Guard.

  37. Karen Kasprowicz Says:

    I’m a southside Chicago White Sox fan who was so happy when Fisk joined the team. There was nobody that could call a game for the pitcher like Fisk. It was great when you could watch the development of a young pitcher during the season when Fisk was working with him. His power as a hitter made every game exciting. The seasons that Fisk, Kittle and Luczynski played together were truly a sight to see. I had the pleasure of meeting him a few times at different fan events and he was always great to the fans who were there to see him.

  38. Tom Donnelly Says:

    April 1, 2013
    Saint Cloud, FL

    I just met Carlton watching a local baseball game; he was cordial and didn’t seem upset that I was bothering him for an autograph. But, it was worth the bother…once in a lifetime deal!! When I was growing up in Foxboro, MA, he was a joy to watch as a Red Sox and the reason why I was a catcher. Thanks for signing my ball Mr. Fisk and for the memories…

  39. Darin Ames Says:

    Like so many others, my young life was changed in the 12th inning of the ’75 Series when Pudge hit his legendary homer. The next little league season I changed to catcher. I’m lucky enough to have met Carlton twice – once in 1978 (My Dad and I had season’s tix in 78 and 79 – 1st base line, 4th row just past the Red Sox dugout – and then again in ’91 when he was visiting Fenway with the Pale Hose. We took pics on both occasions and spoke for a while and he was incredible. When I first met him I was a kid and he seemed like a giant carved from rock. He lifted me onto the Fenway grass as if I was a feather and before I met him again years later, I prepared myself for the possibility that he would no longer be such a larger than life figure to me, but rather a mortal man. That lasted until he emerged from the visitor’s clubhouse and I instantly became 11 years old again as I was greeted by the same Man of Steal I remembered. He signed our original photo as well as a few baseballs. He remains my hero and I look forward to seeing him again some time in the future. He’s truly one of a kind and it was an honor to watch him play for so long.

  40. anne Says:

    Does anyone know where Pudge lives now and what he is up to? He was my favorite hero (sorry Yaz) and think about him when we go up to Bellows Falls-his home town.

  41. Dan BUrrington Says:

    Carlton Fisk was born in Bellows Falls, VT (which is an area in the Town of Rockingham) but he grew up across the River in Charlestown, NH which he considers to be his home town.

  42. Deb Bolton Says:

    I have considered Carlton Fisk one of my favorite all-time ball players along without Gehrig, Kiner,Musial,Mays,Seaver, and Mauer. Although I am a life long New York Mets fan, I would root for the Red Sox, then White Sox. My greatest baseball thrill was when I attended a New York Yankees game in the ’80′s and saw him play as the White Sox player.

  43. David Horst Says:

    Looking at this site, it seems it is not maintained and as a result wonder if Pudge reads these comments from fans or not.

    Wish I knew where to send him a fan note that he could read today. When I was growing up around Chicago, I aspired to be just like Pudge (of the White Sox). Even in Little League, I always wanted to be the catcher – just like Pudge. If a game was on the TV and he came to bat (or even catch), I would stop what I was doing and watch. He had such confidence backed up by ability. I would like to see those games again if I could.

    I hope there is a way to someday meet this hero of mine or at least send him a note of Thanks for a great memory.

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