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Tickets: Regular Season Games in 1979

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Jun 13, 1979877Jun 13, 1979Boston Red Sox @ Kansas City Royals
Jun 15, 1979878Jun 15, 1979Boston Red Sox @ Chicago White SoxCarlton Fisk HR#136, Jim Rice HR#146
Jun 16, 1979879Jun 16, 1979Boston Red Sox @ Chicago White SoxJim Rice HR#147, Dennis Eckersley Win#67, Rick Burleson Hits Inside-The-Park Home Run
Jun 17, 1979880Jun 17, 1979Boston Red Sox @ Chicago White Sox
Jun 18, 1979881Jun 18, 1979Detroit Tigers @ Boston Red Sox
Jun 19, 1979882Jun 19, 1979Detroit Tigers @ Boston Red SoxLance Parrish HR#24
Jun 20, 1979883Jun 20, 1979Detroit Tigers @ Boston Red SoxCarl Yastrzemski HR#395
Jun 21, 1979884Jun 21, 1979Detroit Tigers @ Boston Red SoxJim Rice HR#148, Dennis Eckersley Win#68, Lance Parrish HR#25
Jun 28, 1979885Jun 28, 1979Boston Red Sox @ Detroit Tigers
Jul 1, 1979886Jul 1, 1979Boston Red Sox @ New York YankeesReggie Jackson HR#351
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